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 Employment Law 

Employment Law

The law firm of Hanson Law P.C. regularly advises and defends businesses with employment issues. Let us protect your business by drafting employment, anti-discrimination and safety policies. Let us advise you on hiring, termination issues; handling discrimination or sexual harassment complaints; negotiate contracts; or responding to EEOC and Texas Workforce Commission or Department of Labor investigations.

Your Trusted Legal Counsel can help your business avoid liability and protect your bottom line.


When it comes to running a business that employs workers, it’s important to follow all local, state, and federal laws regarding hiring practices and company policies. While OSHA is often thought of as applicable mainly to industries like construction or factory work, its rules apply to every business that operates in the United States.

In addition to workplace safety and workers compensation laws, there are laws regarding discrimination and sexual harassment during the hiring process and at work. Our firm has experience handling virtually every issue your company may encounter. Our skilled help and guidance can help your business avoid liability and minimize costs. Contact us any time you need guidance in the following areas:

Employment Policies
Anti-Discrimination Policies
EEOC Investigations
Safety Rules
Termination and Hiring Issues
Texas Workforce Commission Investigations
Discrimination and Harassment 
Contract Negotiation
Department of Labor Investigations