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Lori W. Hanson regularly advises second and third tier subcontractors on construction contracts, regulatory compliance issues, healthcare compliance, employment and safety policies. Your construction business needs Trusted Legal Counsel to draft safety policies, drug and alcohol policies, to comply with federal and state laws such as OSHA, Americans with Disabilities Act, Discrimination or Sexual Harassment, Workers Compensation, Fair Labor Standards Act. Your project contracts should protect your business from liability under unfair indemnification clauses, ensure you are timely paid and preserve your lien rights.


If you run a construction company, it’s important to make sure you outline clear policies for your employees, follow local and federal laws regarding safety, and comply with all contracts or regulatory issues you run into. Our firm has extensive experience working with second and third tier construction contractors, so you know we’re well-versed in the various laws and regulations affecting your business. 

By working with our legal counsel firm, you can make sure there are no grey areas in your contracts and policies, ensure you are complying with all laws and regulations, and make sure you get paid on time and in full for any projects your company undertakes. Reach out to our firm for assistance with any of the following areas:

Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Americans with Disabilities Act
Workers Compensation
Fair Labor Standards Act
Drug and Alcohol Policies
Healthcare Compliance
Regulatory Compliance
Safety Policies